Cubata Hotel in Nazaré. Your hotel in Nazaré on the beach of Nazaré

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O Hotel Cubata, localiza-se em nazaré, frente à praia da Nazaré




Prices not valid for the nights of New Year`S EVe (December 30 and 31)
For more information please contact by phone or by e-mail.

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Cubata Hotel is part of the Hotels collection operating in the city of Nazaré in Leiria district, on Portugal west zone.


The west of Portugal is a very rich zone in historic and amazing landscapes, usually framed by a coast full of beautiful beaches.


Cubata Hotel as an excellent location right in front of Nazaré beach at the foot of known cliffs named "Sítio".


Featured with numerous comfortable and fully equipped rooms, the hotel offers everything you need for your holiday or business trip to becomes unforgettable.


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